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Caron liked 4 days ago

Weird bright flashes in the sky over Wenatchee

Reader Sarah C. reached out to us asking if anyone saw "weird bright flashes" in the Wenatchee sky last night between 7:30-8:30.

"The ones that I saw were very bright white flashes," she wrote. "I was driving into town from Malaga and noticed the flashes on the Wenatchee side. It is hard to tell exactly where it was but it was in the sky. My coworker was coming back through Wenatchee from Olive Garden and she said the flashes were over on the Wenatchee side. I would say maybe closer to Saddle Rock but can’t be quite sure."

The flashes each lasted for less than a second. "If you blinked you could miss it. I saw the flash about 6 times sometimes with a 5-10 minute delay between each flash," Sarah wrote.

Does anyone have more information about what the flashes were? Did you see them too?

Jerry liked a reply 17 hours ago
From the Editor

Clean Slate | Removing names from World stories: How would you decide which stories to "de-name?"

The Wenatchee World is joining the growing list of newsrooms adopting right-to-be-forgotten policies. We're calling our version Clean Slate and it provides an easy way for you to ask to have your name removed from a story.

I'm working on a column introducing Clean Slate that will publish this week, and I have a question for you:

If you were making the decision on these requests, which ones would you approve and which ones would you decline?

How would you weigh factors like the seriousness of a crime, how long ago it happened, the impact on the person's current life, the age of the person at the time, the victims, or maybe a person's position in the community as an elected official or community leader?

If you go call up the request form at, you'll find our core statement for Clean Slate:

"Clean Slate is an acknowledgment that online news reports are more readily available today than ever and that at some point a person’s privacy concerns may outweigh the news value to the community."

The form asks for your name, contact information, a link to the story, a way to upload documents and a box to tell us about your case and how the story has affected your life.

The decision on requests will be made by me, World Publisher Sean Flaherty and Dan Shearer, editorial director for Wick Communications, which owns The World.

We'll meet once a month to consider the requests, and I'm curious... (More)