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Winter photowalks

During cold months I often go on walks around town or the park with my camera. I call these journeys photowalks. It's a way to keep creativity alive during the winter months.

One of my favorite spots last year was Blackbird Island in Leavenworth. I took this long-exposure photo during sunset in the park last year. I wanted to capture the color of the sun on the bark as well as the deep blues in the sky. For me, the shot is about capturing a feeling rather than easy-to-identify structures, elements of nature.

Sunlight hits trees near Leavenworth's Waterfront Park on a cool evening in April of 2021.
Sunlight hits trees near Leavenworth's Waterfront Park on a cool evening in April of 2021.

Calling all high school creative writers

For all you creative writers or parents of writers, check out this local writing competition. The program is pretty easy to sign up for and gives an outlet for anyone already writing for fun. It's also open to everyone including homeschoolers and those in private schools (former homeschooler Luke would have been interested).

Anyone here dabble in creative writing?


Take a ghost sign-guided stroll through Wenatchee's downtown

(Originally posted on October 8, 2020)

World photo/Luke Hollister

I love to walk around Wenatchee's Riverwalk and downtown area, especially along Columbia Street. I began to take an interest in the faded industry signs along the old brick buildings and wondered their story. It lead me to a rich history of the Wenatchee Valley and some businesses that are still thriving today. 

I compiled a little ghost-sign tour of the downtown area you can walk. My favorite is probably the Liberty Theatre, done by Wenatchee's premiere sign painter Pete Matson, or the H.L. Wiester Department Store, whose mispelled name has remained printed on the wall for over a century. Do you have a favorite ghost sign? Do you know more of the history tied to the signs? I would love to hear! 

You can read the full story here:


Local Jams: Graves finds music in nature, Bigfoot and hometown stories


(Originally posted on September 4, 2020)

I had chance to sit down and chat with Wenatchee guitarist Paul Graves. He's been playing guitar most of his life and tends to focus on how things are "going to be OK,” rather than just “doom and gloom.” Here's a music video of his latest song, "We Can."