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Community Questions
Community Questions
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You ask. We'll answer.

(Originally posted on September 2, 2020)

What questions, concerns or suggestions do you have regarding your community? You ask and our reporters will work to bring you the answers.


Welcome to the NABURhood

Hi all, welcome to NABUR's new and improved website. It's now easier than ever to find and start discussions about all things North Central Washington. 

There are a range of groups to join in the left-hand menu. One of my favorite new groups is called Good News, where I just posted about my weekend trip to write about The Lavender Man. You can check it out here. 

Have questions about the site? Just let us know!


Climate disruption?

I see a 3-4ft flame burning off gas when I walk daily on the Apple Loop Trail.  It is near the treatment plant at 2nd St. and Worthen in Wenatchee.  

What kind of gas is it?  (The flame is yellow/orange, but I thought methane burns blue.)  Is the purpose of the torch to get rid of waste gas?    

Most important... are there combustion products that contribute even more of the heat-trapping pollutants responsible for our worsening climate disruption?  If so, who would need to mitigate it?


Lower standards?

However, the underlying challenge to convince 60% of voters in a district to support a potentially decades-long school facility improvement plan has caused some lawmakers in recent years to consider lowering the threshold needed for approval.


This paragraph from the Wenatchee World article on Bonds just makes me go HMMMMM!

Why would you lower the threshold if the voters tell you NO? That is everything that is wrong with government. How about doing a better job of earning the trust and acceptance of the community instead of making it easier to pass? The community has passed bond issues in the past, earn it, don't lower the bar. If the passing grade is "D", don't make it "F". Just wondering?