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Community Questions
Community Questions
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Lori replied 19 days ago

You ask. We'll answer.

(Originally posted on September 2, 2020)

What questions, concerns or suggestions do you have regarding your community? You ask and our reporters will work to bring you the answers.

Madeline liked 12 days ago

Welcome to the NABURhood

Hi all, welcome to NABUR's new and improved website. It's now easier than ever to find and start discussions about all things North Central Washington. 

There are a range of groups to join in the left-hand menu. One of my favorite new groups is called Good News, where I just posted about my weekend trip to write about The Lavender Man. You can check it out here. 

Have questions about the site? Just let us know!

Pauline replied 16 hours ago
Madeline updated 17 days ago

What we learned from our Newsroom Open House

(Originally posted on December 21, 2020)

Thank you to all who participated in The Wenatchee World’s Newsroom Open House last week. The event was an opportunity for the staff to connect with readers and hear your questions, compliments and feedback. All the conversations help The Wenatchee World become a better community voice and better serve our readers!

The event was our first virtual Open House in almost a year, since previous informal forums hosted by The Wenatchee World were halted due to COVID-19 precautions. We thank you all for working alongside us to navigate a new digital-forward environment.

Throughout the night, we noticed some common themes from readers’ comments. Here’s what we learned:

  1. We aren’t perfect. No newsroom is, and The Wenatchee World shouldn’t shy away from criticism. In the New Year, the NABUR team will host virtual office hours where community members can ask questions and raise their concerns one-on-one with Wenatchee World journalists.
  2. Our newsroom shares content in a lot of different places — There’s something for everyone and we suggest finding what works best for you. If you prefer print, we still have the classic print paper delivered at your doorstep. Just want the top headlines of the day? Sign up for our daily email newsletters. Need your information on the go? Download our app from the App Store and stay up-do-date while away from home. Prefer your news in podcast form? We just launched our Slices of Wenatchee podcast, available on Spotify, YouTube and Apple... (More)