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Learning to play an instrument

We are doing a story about the strings program in the Wenatchee school district. It's an introductory to music class that's offered to fourth and fifth grade students during a break in the day, before, or after school. 

I grew up in the Eastmont School District and remember learning to play a clarinet in an elementary school class there, taking it all the way into high school band. The instrument is packed away in a closet. I got it out once since when The Wenatchee World had a Christmas program and wanted employees to play Christmas songs. I spent over $100 getting it repaired and ready to play. I haven't gotten it out of the closet since. I think my wife is very grateful for that. 

Any stories out there about learning to play an instrument? 

Sue replied 4 months ago

How did this school year go? What are your hopes for the next school year?

In a Q&A with The Seattle Times last week, State Superintendent Chris Reykdal said the three main lessons he learned this year were that human contact is a "great strength" in public education and we need to return to it; kids need things like mental health support, food security, transportation, not just academics; and inequalities and institutional racism are manifested in schools.

As Wenatchee schools approach the end of the year on Friday, what do you think? How did this school year go for your family and friends, and what would you like to see change or continue into the fall? Reply to share your thoughts and read the full Q&A here. 


Living Well FREE Senior Home Placement

(Originally posted on January 6, 2021)

Living Well is now in Douglas Chelan and Grant county's serving our seniors. As Living Well Advisors we offer personal touch to clients with a free home placement service that helps seniors to make the very best retirement living decisions. Besides finding that perfect new home for our seniors within the Assisted Living Memory Care and Independent Community we come along side as an advocate in helping to make the right decision. Living Well is the only service of its kind available in the area. National placement services such as a Place for Mom have limited local resources and most of them are not free.   Our services on the other hand, cost nothing to our senior clients and their families . (Living Well is paid a commission by the facilities.) We are not a corporation or making sales decisions, it is a opportunity for us to work with individuals and guide them through a very difficult process in life.  

I have developed a real passion for seniors, and I am honored to have an opportunity to help them everyday.


Dan replied 8 months ago

Understanding Referendum 90: What are your thoughts?

(Originally posted on October 6, 2020)

What are your thoughts on the referendum? What are your questions regarding curriculum? Tell us your thoughts here.

Alongside general election races on the November ballot, Washington voters will find ballot measures they can vote to approve or reject to pass to law. Perhaps the most well-known measure in Washington is Referendum 90, the Sex Education in Public Schools measure.

In March, the Washington State Legislature passed, with Gov. Jay Inslee’s approval, the Senate Bill 5395, requiring sexual health education to be taught in public schools. Opponents of the bill collected signatures for a referendum to be added to the November ballot, which would allow the general public to vote on the measure for a direct decision.

A vote to approve the referendum would require public schools to provide comprehensive sexual education for students, though students may be excused if requested by a parent. A vote to reject the referendum would not require public schools to teach sexual education.

If approved, Bill 5395 would require grades 6-12 to begin teaching sexual health education in the 2021-22 school year, then extend to require grades K-5 in the 2022-23 school year. Grades K-3 would be required to instruct social-emotional learning, which would teach students how to manage emotions, establish positive relationships and make responsible decisions. Sexual health education for grades 4-12 would teach the physical and psychological development of puberty, developing relationship skills, affirmative consent and medically and scientifically accurate sexual health education approved by... (More)