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Russ updated 25 days ago

You're almost out of time to nominate someone for a 2022 Community Impact Award

It's deadline time to nominate someone for a 2022 Community Impact Award.

Winners will be featured in the February 2022 Progress Edition magazine. And this year The Wenatchee World will make a $500 contribution to each winner's favorite charity. The winners will also be invited to write about their favorite charity and encourage others to contribute.

The Community Impact Awards honor those who make our communities better with their work, leadership, courage and contributions.

Send us your nominations by Monday and include the person’s name and a statement on why they should be honored. Here’s the nomination form:

Here are the categories:

Progress Award: A person who moved their NCW community forward

Community Connection Award: A person who brought people together

Local Hero Award: A person who demonstrated courage to help out in a local crisis.

Public Life and Leadership Award: A public official who demonstrated exceptional leadership serving their community

Business Impact Award: A business person who demonstrated leadership that makes the community better

Russ Hemphill is the managing editor of The Wenatchee World. He may be reached at (509) 665-1161 or


Katherine liked a month ago

I brake for quail

Coming to work this morning, I had to brake for a strolling doe and then twice for the same covey of quail. They couldn't make up their minds about which way to run. It's something I love about living in the Wenatchee Valley. 

Barbara liked a reply a month ago

Wick CEO is in Wenatchee | Do you have questions?

Francis Wick, president of and CEO of the family company that owns The Wenatchee World, is in The World building today and tomorrow. He joined our regular Thursday newsroom meeting and, among other things, talked about the Journalism Sustainability Act that would help local newspapers like The World. 

If you have a question, put it in a comment below and I'll report back on what he says. 

— Russ 




Preserving history | The Wenatchee World archives

When Rufus Woods put The Wenatchee World building at 14 Mission St. up for sale earlier this year it sparked a scramble in the building to locate and identify all of the archives four or five generations of journalists have collected and cared for over the paper's 116 years.

Rufus, who sold the paper to the Wick family more than three years ago, will eventually sell the building. When that happens, The World as a publishing venture may have to move to another location and we'll have to decide what to take with us.

Our vault of information and indexes is extensive and much of it is very old school: Handwritten notes on index cards, cllpped articles organized by topics, photographs and negatives and more than a century of bound volumes. There is also un-indexed microfilm of the paper at the Wenatchee Public Library and a couple copies of the microfilm at The World.

(Our electronic indexes, although fractured by switches to different platforms over the most-recent decades, are available through our website and online at NewsBank.)

These days, journalists only rarely walk up the creaky wooden steps to the storage area at 14 Mission St. where the bound volumes are kept. As the decades have passed, the volumes are more fodder for historians than for reporters.

After that initial scramble earlier this year, we now have a pretty good idea of the extent of our collection of Wenatchee Valley and NCW history. We have begun to put out feelers... (More)