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Do you know of any businesses that have closed during the pandemic?

The Wenatchee World is looking to compile a list and map of businesses that have closed throughout the pandemic, and share those businesses’ stories with readers and NABUR members. Do you know of any local businesses that have closed during the pandemic? Places we should look into? Let me know in the replies, or email me at

Sara liked 7 hours ago

Welcome to Flavortown

Leavenworth turned into Flavortown with a visit from Guy Fieri this week, via KHQ's Facebook page.




Debbie liked 2 days ago

Best / Easiest GPS Dog Tracker?

We are new to Pateros and have adopted a German Shepard / Rottweiler. He was a " Orchard Dog " that was left along for a ' few ' years.

His name is Orion ....

Now I'm wanting to give him a bit more freedom from the leash ... and am looking for a GPS Dog Tracker that works really well around " here ".

Brewster - Pateros - Wenatchee - Oroville -  Tonasket and such. 

Yes I am aware that there are " blind " spots with cell phone towers and such, but I'm looking to give him a bit more freedom as he is showing he is needing it.

Any thoughts?


Jj Breen - Pateros, Wa 


Participate in an all-online school this year? We want to hear about your experiences.

Did your family participate in The Wenatchee Internet Academy, the Eastmont Virtual Academy or other all-online schools this past year? A Wenatchee World reporter is interested in hearing about your experiences. If you or someone you know might be open to discussing your experiences with a reporter, let us know by commenting or contacting managing editor Russ Hemphill at or 509-869-6731.