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Concerning the ongoing contentious debate on this Forum concerning vaccinations. Without addressing other issues, let me just make one clarification that is undebatable concerning VAERS, which anti-vaxxers repeatedly present as a “gotcha.”

or Google: Politifact, VAERS, Aug 9th.

VAERS explicitly only “registers” reports about alleged vaccine issues without any attempt to verify accuracy. Because anti-vaxxers know this, VAERS has become a breeding ground for misinformation.

The AMA, WHO, CDC, and others, in reviewing the reports and comparing them to death certificates and autopsies, have yet (as of Aug 21) to find a SINGLE vaccine-caused death or miscarriage. 

This is the insidious nature of social media today. 


WallaWalla state pen guard arrested for beating of GA man in biker gang activity.

The guy was a guard in our state system since 2011, and no one in Washington seemEd to be aware of his gang membership and activity.

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Webster’s New World Dictionary, Fifth Edition

Freedumb    “free-dum”

        Noun  1) The belief that your personal freedoms outweigh the rights of others.

        Noun  2) The state of mind that denies civic responsibility

        Synonyms: Egocentricity, Narcissism, Self-absorption 

Freedumbers, please get the shot or stay home.

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Voted for COVID-19

I’d like to request that a WW reporter ask our Sheriffs how they plan to keep us safe and prove they aren’t covid carriers when we have interactions with them if they’re not vaccinated or wearing masks? I am 70, my hubby 82. I Can’t afford even a slim chance that they are carriers. Example, if for some reason they pull me over For a traffic infraction. Can I demand they stay 6 feet away?