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Weekend event at Pybus

World reporters take turns working weekend shifts. During these shifts, you are usually tasked with covering a more light-hearted story than you would cover in a typical week. This week, for example, I'm covering multiple school board meetings, a state senate hearing and a visit from Rep. Kim Schrier.

It was my turn to work this weekend, and I attended bundle up festival and a youth sports fair, both of which took place at Pybus Saturday. The event included a petting zoo, hayride and a visit from the Wenatchee youth circus. Click here for a full recap of the festivities.

I enjoy the important, hard news stories I cover on my beat. But it's always fun to take a break and write something a little more light-hearted.


How to contact your local legislator

The World has a website page dedicated to helping readers find resources to stay up to date on happenings in Olympia. 

Resources include: 

  • Contact information for Representatives. 
  • Bill finder where you can track the status of a bill, read the text of a bill, see the sponsors, the bill's history and it's status in both legislative chambers. You can also check the status of whether Gov. Inslee has signed the legislation.
  • A 2022 legislative calendar. 


Voted for Yes

USPS delivery though - Eddie Bauer 12/21/21 shipped item from Seattle arrived 1/14/22 USPS ;)