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Good News
Good News
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Sirena replied 2 months ago

Good news!!! If you want to stay healthy,use your brain and ears both then your mouth.

If you need health care because you did not get the vaccine the rest of us will have to suffer and still  you will get help in spite of your lack of action.

Sara liked 3 months ago

Any other good dogs (or other pets) out there?

A Squilchuck Road dog named Fluff got between his owner and a cougar  recently while the owner was landscaping. Have any of you been saved or potentially saved by a pet before?

Jon liked 3 months ago

Pybus nominated for national public market contest

Pybus has joined the ranks of Boston Public Market and the Ferry Building Marketplace in San Francisco as a finalist in a national USA Today contest. 

The 20 finalists are now going to be narrowed down to 10 winners via a public vote (which is open now.) Here's our story about the contest and here's the link to vote. 

Do you have a favorite Pybus go-to? I've always loved Pybus Bistro — and especially their popup takeout weekends during the pandemic.

Jon liked 3 months ago

Wick Community Journalists Earn Perfect Score as Trusted News Sites

NewsGuard, a journalism and technology company that rates the credibility of news and information websites, has collectively awarded 22 Wick Communications websites and their associated newsrooms a perfect 100 out of 100 score for credibility and transparency.

In stating that Wick Communications’ community news coverage “generally takes a neutral tone” and that sites clearly label opinion content, NewsGuard said, “News articles on the sites generally rely on reputable and firsthand sources such as police, government officials and community members. Headlines and images accurately represent story content.”

Read More:

- Wenatchee World is owned by Wick Communications.