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Backpackers race the setting sun

(Originally posted on September 21, 2020)

Luke Hollister and I went backpacking west of Glacier Peak. It's an area that through hikers on the PCT have told me is beautiful and it is gorgeous, but dang the elevation gain. My right knee hasn't felt the same since. I'm struggling more than I used to, to get up hill and I'm only 29 years old. I'm noticing that if I'm not consistent with my exercise routine my heart rate and muscles just don't do as well. Anyone have any recommendations on keeping in shape as you get older?

Mike replied 20 days ago

Calling all Wenatchee Valley cyclists: Anyone else getting flats from goat head thorns?

(Originally posted on August 31, 2020)

I went biking on the John Wayne Pioneer Trail this weekend, which was all great and lovely until I took a break, turned my bike around to head back and noticed that dreaded low tire pressure sound. I checked my wheels and turns out they were riddled with goat head thorns, also known as puncture vines. I ended up with two flat tires 😔I pulled the larger thorns out, which upon more research I learned is NOT the right move as air releases faster. Here are some photos I took before I brought my bike to the shop:

I found out from the WSU Master Gardner of Chelan County column that they are a Class C weed and require control measures. The "little needles grow attached to seeds, so when we walk or drive on them, they cling to our shoes and tires, hitchhiking to a new location." When biking, they easily blend in with rock and gravel and love to lodge themselves in tires, much to biker's chargrin. 

Anyone else dealing with these thorns? Is there a time when they are more prominent? Have any tips? 


NABUR replied 20 days ago

Today is National Dog Day!

(Originally posted on August 26, 2020)

Today is National Dog Day! To celebrate man’s best friend, National Today conducted a nationwide survey to see how much dog owners really love their furry friends. 

The National Today team surveyed 3,000 Americans about their love for dogs. Washington was one of the top three dog-loving states, trailing behind California and New York, with 85% of Washingtonians loving dogs. 

Nationwide, 86% of respondents said their dogs offer comfort, 71% their dog helps them seek joy and 65% said their dogs made them more loving. 70% of survey respondents said they prefer spending time with their dogs rather than people, and women were more likely to prefer to be with their dogs rather than dating as compared to men. 

Do you have dogs? How much do they mean to you? Let us know by taking this short survey. If comfortable, share a photo of your furry friend below. 

Find more adorable dog photos, including some for adoption, in our Pet of the Week section: