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Public Safety
Public Safety
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Dave replied 5 hours ago

School Resource Officers

While well intentioned, the Mayor and Police Chief in East Wenatchee should reconsider their move to add a SRO to Eastmont.  The data show that arrest rates in schools increase dramatically when SRO's are added.  One study showed schools with SRO's had nearly 5 times the student arrest rate of schools without SRO's (Libby Nelson and Dara Lind, "The school to prison pipeline, explained," Justice  Policy Institute, February 24, 2015.).  Data also shows SRO's become involved in day to day enforcement of school policies and student discipline.  In a time when how we utilize police is being examined, do we really need to expand policing into our schools?

Vic replied 2 months ago

Crisis at Southern border

The immigration surge is created a crisis at the border. The CanadIan border remains closed for non-essential travel due to the pandemic. Why is the southern border open for these immigrants When we still do not have the pandemic under control here? photos of the tightly packed quarters is very sad. We need fewer people in the US, not more. For those climate change believers, more people means more CO2. Most are from Catholic-based countries, meaning not practicing birth control. Therefore, producing more children. Maybe if COVID goes through those congregate settings, the Biden administration will finally get it.

Madeline replied 2 months ago

Parks, playgrounds and pools reopen, for now

Last summer, I investigated why some park playgrounds were open while others remained closed, a story spurred by Kris M.'s NABUR post. In the summer, Chelan PUD and the City of Wenatchee kept playgrounds barricaded or closed, while Eastmont playgrounds remained open.

As COVID-19 numbers drop and more residents receive vaccinations, Wenatchee and Eastmont parks are open for play, according to reporter Tony Buhr's recent article.

Pools will also be open with safety restrictions in both Wenatchee and Eastmont. Are you excited for parks and playgrounds to reopen? 


World photo/Don Seabrook
World photo/Don Seabrook
Madeline updated 2 months ago