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Public Safety
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Fireworks Ban

Fireworks are not necessary; they pollute the air as a result of the noxious gasses produced, leave litter, and produce noise which is disturbing to some people and animals---and they can start fires. Fireworks have caused much monetary loss, so why not ban them?


Fire safety during wildfire season

The smoke, planes and flames from the Rooster Comb Fire were hard to miss, and many people captured crews working to contain the flames. Today, it was reported that another brush fire was burning near Pangborn Memorial Airport.

Investigations are still ongoing to determine the cause of these fires. However, research has shown that nearly 85% of all wildland fires in the U.S. are human caused. Because of this, I wanted to share some tips on how you can help prevent wildfires:

In your car

  • Make sure chains and other metal parts are securely off the ground. They create sparks when dragged!
  • Another thing that can cause sparks is by driving on exposed wheel rims. Keep your tires at the proper pressure!
  • Drive through brush with caution. Hot exhaust pipes can cause fires.

In your lawn

  • Mow your lawn before 10 a.m., and never mow when it's windy or dry.
  • Sparks from lawnmowers or other equipment can start a fire, so be sure to check your equipment.


  • Build your fire in a flat, open location away from brush and other flammable materials.
  • Stay with your fire and extinguish it completely before leaving, dousing it until it's cold.

Do you have any more tips to share on how to prevent wildfires?

Greta replied 2 months ago


Yes, I have considered running for local office as a Senate member. I am a student and I'm on the Washington Student Engagement Senate team and I start my position in the Fall. Yes, I have considered running for local office but I would probably want to run to focus entirely on the education field. 

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Filling up the Firefighting Aircraft

Photographed this afternoon 7-15-2021 near the Orondo Street boat launch, Wenatchee. 
Photographed this afternoon 7-15-2021 near the Orondo Street boat launch, Wenatchee.