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Public Safety
Public Safety
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Tumwater Canyon car wreck

Re: recent news about a Tumwater Canyon car wreck: Some 70 years ago, I was a passenger in a wreck that happened near the old dam, where the driver of a second car died in a head-on. Troopers determined (and as I saw it) he was on the wrong side of the road, going north (i.e., west on 2). My dad was driving our Chevy pickup, returning from Lake Wenatchee, going south. He and my mom were slightly injured. I was badly injured, with a skull fracture, and eventually needed my left wrist bones replaced, as well. It was all reported in the Wenatchee Daily [as it was then] World, at the time. I still have a blowup of the photo the photographer gave us.


Road and street construction

Has anyone noticed all the street construction/maintenance this year and in some areas the finished product is not up to par?  Cherry and Western round-about used to be smooth, now, after maintenance, it is rough, bumpy, rutty, and overall not up to standards for good quality work. Don't forget, our tax dollars are paying for this.


Enforce the laws. Tow or drive these units into a national forest and disable them. Let the owners either stay with the units or leave. Their choice. Disable the road leading into the unit. Eventually, the owners will probably  leave, leaving the unit to nature. At that time tow the units out of the forest and recycle the metal. In no event should any aid be given to the perpetrator (s). Do not reward them in any way.