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November 3, National Sandwich Day. How are you celebrating?


The art on the roundabouts

As wonderful as the art is, I’m afraid of graffiti and it being a distraction to the drivers and causing an accident. The art could very well conceal another car and cause an accident that way too. It gets really busy at a lot of those roundabouts that just trying to focus on the traffic is a job May itself. Too many distractions anymore. Please don’t add any more. Thank you for letting me bend your ear for a moment and hearing me out. 



Yakima needs a program to stop all the shop lifting and theft way to many people are going to jail for shoplifting and money being spent for housing them I myself have a warrant right now for shoplifting and I believe it's a felony because I was already trespassed from the whole mall o didn't want to shoplift I needed to get somethings people would buy so I had a place to get warm and use the restroom there is literally no where to use the bathroom people are pooping all over yakima I'm ready to change the streets I want a program that I can live at and have meetings with all the other homeless females join and we make it safe out here and clean to where children are at play we don't go hungry or cold we lift up not put down


Hi Chris, hope you're well!

That's been fixed now — It looks like there was just an issue with how all those stories were attached together online. We adjusted the presentation of Katherine Thomas' Q&A to match the others.