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Hi There! This is your platform tech support. Please let us know if you have any questions:

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Welcome to NABUR by The Wenatchee World!

Welcome to the new and improved NABUR. Need a walkthrough? Watch our tutorial below on how to navigate the platform.
Hi there, me again.

We had some questions on what types of files you can upload to NABUR...for security purposes and to make the web experience faster. We allow only the following file extensions:

.png, .gif, .jpg, .mp4, .mp3 (audio files)
Save NABUR to your Google Chrome apps folder plus on Mac computers the APP will live in LAUNCHPAD dashboard with your applications.

All of this will give you faster access to NABUR right from your computer instead of always going into browser and typing out web link.

Screenshot 1:
Go to Google Chrome to and click on "PLUS" icon to the right of address bar and click "Install APP"

Screenshot 2:
Chrome will automatically create a new window for NABUR app and it will be placed inside the Chrome APPs folder on your computer


Here is documentation if you want to learn more about Google Chrome and how to!

- Thanks Alessia