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Priscilla replied 7 days ago

Hale Park, and Wenatchee FIDO dog park in particular

Recently the city of Wenatchee made some great upgrades to Hale Park. It is much more user friendly with nice grass, a nice little playground for children and a nice skatepark for the older kids and adults. There are restrooms and water fountains.

A little further down the trail, past the bridge, is the FIDO dog park. In comparison, it looks bleak and neglected. However, anecdotally-speaking, I think the dog park gets more traffic than the skatepark and the playground combined.

Here are a number of reasons and issues that Wenatchee Parks and Rec should invest some time and money into the dog park:

  1. The dogs need water. There is no easy access to water for the dogs and even when it's not very hot out, they get hot and tired from running around and playing. Right now there is a little fountain outside the gates, so if you want to water your dog, you have to round him up, leash him, and take him out there to drink. It is next to impossible to fill bottles from the fountain, let alone big water containers that people have generously donated but no one can properly fill. We need a hose, or even better, some kind of water feature inside with easy access to water for the dogs. This is the number one biggest issue with the park, in my opinion.
  2. There is only one light and camera (I think there's only one camera but I'm not positive) and they are... (More)
Guy replied 2 months ago

Running for local office in Chelan and Douglas counties

Last week, I asked whether you’d ever considered running for local office. I also asked our Instagram and Facebook followers. Here’s what they said: 

25% of Instagram respondents and 19% of Facebook respondents said they'd considered running for local office. On NABUR, 36% said they'd considered running, 7% said they'd filed to run in a local election and 57% said they hadn't considered it

Answer the poll here.

The polls were part of a three-part elections series we published Wednesday. Read what community members told us about why they had or hadn’t considered running here, a story about why there are so few contested elections in Chelan and Douglas counties here, and a story about running in the most crowded school board race in a decade here

What do you think about the results of the polls? Is it surprising to you that an average of 74% of Douglas County local elections and 66% of Chelan County local elections, excluding precinct committee officers, went uncontested from 2011 to 2021?

Greta replied 2 months ago

Wenatchee City Council meeting live updates: transportation improvement plan and code amendments

Tonight’s Wenatchee City Council meeting will include a public hearing for the city's six-year public transportation improvement plan and code amendments related to retaining walls, fences and utility easements. 

Want to stay in the loop with announcements and comments from community members? Check back here to see live updates on the meeting, starting at 5:15 p.m. Have questions or comments? Reply in the update thread.


More changes made to the short-term rental code draft but no consensus on a final version yet

The Chelan County short-term rental code remains under deliberation after Tuesday’s Board of County Commissioners meeting. The next chance for the code to be adopted is at the July 27 meeting, and commissioners hope to adopt it then. Here are some new changes as reported by Oscar Rodriguez:

  • Toddlers now count as short-term rental occupants.
  • Owners can remodel a kitchen or make other changes as long as they do not increase non-conformance like adding another bedroom to their rental.
  • The percentage limit on short-term rentals in the Manson urban growth area increased from 6% to 9%.
  • Commissioners and Community Development Director Jim Brown changed some of the language of the code to address concerns about planned unit developments skirting the percentage caps based on the previous language of the code. 

What do you think of the new changes? What other changes do you hope to see? See a thread of comments from the last public comment hearing and our discussion thread about the previous draft for background.