Wenatchee and area residents have some real gems at our disposal;  areas along Icicle Road, the Horse Lake trail system, a new dog park and skate park, Pybus Market and the summer market and of course, the ten mile Riverside trail loop and Walla Walla sports complex.

My question is why so many people seem fine to trash these areas with litter and uncollected dog waste and, more importantly, what can be done about it.

I made my choice.  I could either ignore the mess, be angry or take action, so every Monday I take a piece of the trail along the Wenatchee side and collect trash.  It is interesting to characterize the trash collected but one thing for sure, as soon as an area is cleaned, people begin to litter more.

Why do people feel so ambivalent about our beauty and more importantly, what can be done to stop the littering and encourage all dog owners to bag their pet waste AND throw the bags in a can?