Recently the city of Wenatchee made some great upgrades to Hale Park. It is much more user friendly with nice grass, a nice little playground for children and a nice skatepark for the older kids and adults. There are restrooms and water fountains.

A little further down the trail, past the bridge, is the FIDO dog park. In comparison, it looks bleak and neglected. However, anecdotally-speaking, I think the dog park gets more traffic than the skatepark and the playground combined. 

Here are a number of reasons and issues that Wenatchee Parks and Rec should invest some time and money into the dog park:

  1. The dogs need water. There is no easy access to water for the dogs and even when it's not very hot out, they get hot and tired from running around and playing. Right now there is a little fountain outside the gates, so if you want to water your dog, you have to round him up, leash him, and take him out there to drink. It is next to impossible to fill bottles from the fountain, let alone big water containers that people have generously donated but no one can properly fill. We need a hose, or even better, some kind of water feature inside with easy access to water for the dogs. This is the number one biggest issue with the park, in my opinion.
  2. There is only one light and camera (I think there's only one camera but I'm not positive) and they are near the gates. There is no light or camera at the other end of the park. I personally would feel safer being at the park alone if I knew there was camera coverage for the entire park, not just one area. And as winter approaches and it gets dark earlier and earlier, we really do need better lighting.
  3. The hoses that are inside the park to water the trees are constantly being kicked up over the gravel and are a tripping hazard to both dogs and people. These need to be buried properly. Which leads me to my next issue.
  4. Grass. The gravel makes a big mess, particularly when it rains or snows. It's hard on the dogs feet and gets into our shoes. It's unpleasant. Even a partial patch of grass would be appreciated. This would also help protect the hoses that water the trees.

There are many other things that would greatly improve the value and hospitality of the park, but these I feel are the most important. Other things include an area for small dogs, a shelter for humans from both the sun and the rain, a small pond for doggie splashing. These are all fun features, but certainly not high priority, in my own opinion. 

I really feel that the city has neglected the park for whatever reason and I hope to be able to get some feedback as to why and what we can do to make things better for everyone.