For the past three years, I've been the Board Treasurer and for two years the part-time director for the Hospitality Ministries now dba Wenatchee Rescue Mission. Scott Johnson, fresh from the L.A. Mission, is our new Executive Director. Monique Johnson directs our Women's Services.


We have just received a two-year urban forestry environmental justice grant from the Department of Natural Resources. This grant will fund a portion of the first phase of our long-term project to renovate the landscape of our six-acre property between S. Wenatchee Avenue and S. Mission Street. Retired US Forest Service hydrologist Rick Edwards has spent the last year gathering input from a wide range of resource specialists and preparing a multi-year landscape renovation plan.


Local landscape designer Betsy Dudash is partnering in this effort to move the WRM landscape toward a friendlier habitat for everything from bees to birds to deer. A significant emphasis of this first phase of the project (2021-2023) will be the planting of desirable, more drought-resistant trees and shrubs in priority areas and the gradual removal of non-native trees, along with so much more.