The Chelan County short-term rental code remains under deliberation after Tuesday’s Board of County Commissioners meeting. The next chance for the code to be adopted is at the July 27 meeting, and commissioners hope to adopt it then. Here are some new changes as reported by Oscar Rodriguez:

  • Toddlers now count as short-term rental occupants.
  • Owners can remodel a kitchen or make other changes as long as they do not increase non-conformance like adding another bedroom to their rental.
  • The percentage limit on short-term rentals in the Manson urban growth area increased from 6% to 9%.
  • Commissioners and Community Development Director Jim Brown changed some of the language of the code to address concerns about planned unit developments skirting the percentage caps based on the previous language of the code. 

What do you think of the new changes? What other changes do you hope to see? See a thread of comments from the last public comment hearing and our discussion thread about the previous draft for background.