Last week, I asked whether you’d ever considered running for local office. I also asked our Instagram and Facebook followers. Here’s what they said: 

25% of Instagram respondents and 19% of Facebook respondents said they'd considered running for local office. On NABUR, 36% said they'd considered running, 7% said they'd filed to run in a local election and 57% said they hadn't considered it

Answer the poll here.

The polls were part of a three-part elections series we published Wednesday. Read what community members told us about why they had or hadn’t considered running here, a story about why there are so few contested elections in Chelan and Douglas counties here, and a story about running in the most crowded school board race in a decade here

What do you think about the results of the polls? Is it surprising to you that an average of 74% of Douglas County local elections and 66% of Chelan County local elections, excluding precinct committee officers, went uncontested from 2011 to 2021?