Yesterday, the Chelan County Short-Term Rental Task Force drafted a code proposal that includes proposals to grandfather in existing short-term rentals and cap new rentals in some areas. Here are some main points from the draft:

  • There would be a 6% limit on non-owner occupied rentals in most of the county, based on the total housing stock in an area as defined by a zip code.
  • In Manson, the cap would be 9%. Short-term rentals wouldn’t be allowed at all in Peshastin.
  • The 98826 zip code in Leavenworth would be divided into three areas: Leavenworth, Plain and Lake Wenatchee, each with a 6% cap.
  • Where the number of short-term rentals exceeds the cap, current permits would be grandfathered in and allowed to continue operating with the option of selling the property as a short-term rental once in the span of five years. There would be a lottery or waiting list system for issuing new permits.

What are your thoughts on these proposals? What questions do you have about short-term rentals and the code drafting process? Let us know in the comments, and read the full story from World reporter Nevonne McDaniels here.