Roundabouts probably work if people knew how to drive in them. Those roundabouts that have been placed in locations that see to be less busy seem to work better. The problem with them is when they are placed in busy streets--such as the one on the east side of the George Sellars bridge. People who have driven the Sunset Hwy. for years, just barrel on through and they don't pause or yield for the traffic coming out of East Wenatchee. The traffic going north does not slow or yield to the traffic coming out of East Wenatchee to go to Wenatchee. 

The area the road department wants to put a new round about in to replace the light that is currently seems like a waste of taxpayers money. The light seems to work perfectly well. The people coming off the bridge heading towards Cashmere or Wenatchee will slow because they can't go straight, but they typically will not yield the road to the cross traffic on Easy Street.

There is a roundabout in Olympia on Marvin Road, two lanes on the roundabout. I have driven that one many times and the people traveling south on Marvin Road typically do not yield to allow traffic to merge on the Yelm Highway. This isn't knew and this isn't because it is in Olympia. You see the same kind of driving happen here. It is almost as though someone needs to train drivers how to use roundabouts correctly.

The other thing I found when I did some research about how traffic entering, exiting, or in a roundabout is not very clear.

Again, what is the wrong with the stop light at Easy Street and Hwy 2/97? It seems to have worked for years.