If you want to fully understand this post, please take a drive to the south end of the Avenue, down by the transit center.  Turn up Thurston, between Mission and the Avenue.  Look at the trash dump masquerading as a vehicle, specifically, a van.

Before you scream out loud, understand that the police HAVE taken action.  They have hauled away huge quantities of trash and arrested the culprit.  Yet more remains.

The problem?  Judges have dismissed charges against the culprit multiple times.  This leaves the police toothless.  I am trying to find out what level these judges reside at.  If they are municipal judges it would seem that calls to the Mayor would be in order to inform him of the importance citizens place on this issue.

‘My belief is that this would be an excellent story for the World.  Photos of the garbage dump on Thurston, followed by interviews with the police and records searches of the court cases would paint an interesting picture, with the final brush stroke being interviews with the City Planning Department and the Mayor.