(Originally posted on January 7, 2021)

At this morning's daily staff meeting with reporters and editors, we kicked around ideas for follow-up stories. A couple of the angles we're pursuing include talking with more of our Wenatchee Valley neighbors and elected officials about their reactions.

We're also curious about how teachers in our high schools and colleges would frame the chaotic day, and are also reaching out to new citizens for their views on the mob's actions.  Are there stories you'd like to see or questions we should ask?  

And about that word: mob.

In the staff meeting, a reporter asked how we should describe the protesters. If we use the word '"mob," we should be prepared for pushback from those who would say that it wasn't a mob. That we would be accused of taking sides. I guess that could happen.

But after watching the day's events, listening to the comments from reporters at the staff meeting and checking an Associated Press post on how they are describing the ... mob ... I feel very comfortable calling a spade a spade.  

Here's part of the AP post: "Calling it a "mob" or a "riot" would also be appropriate, especially when the protesters' actions were wild, widespread, violent and uncontrolled. The term "insurrection," meaning the act of rising up against established authority, could also be justified."  

What word would you use to describe yesterday's events. And why?  

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