Reader Sarah C. reached out to us asking if anyone saw "weird bright flashes" in the Wenatchee sky last night between 7:30-8:30.

"The ones that I saw were very bright white flashes," she wrote. "I was driving into town from Malaga and noticed the flashes on the Wenatchee side. It is hard to tell exactly where it was but it was in the sky. My coworker was coming back through Wenatchee from Olive Garden and she said the flashes were over on the Wenatchee side. I would say maybe closer to Saddle Rock but can’t be quite sure."

The flashes each lasted for less than a second. "If you blinked you could miss it. I saw the flash about 6 times sometimes with a 5-10 minute delay between each flash," Sarah wrote.

Does anyone have more information about what the flashes were? Did you see them too?