It has been 50 years since I was a Rainbow Girls here in Wenatchee. During my teenage years, I found Rainbow to be a lot of fun. I never thought about the things I would personally gain from being involved with Rainbow. Today I can look back and tell you the skills I gained from my membership in Rainbow. As girl almost a teenager, I was shy, quiet, had trouble talking to people I did not know, and getting up in front of people was the scariest thing I could have ever done. 

Through Rainbow, I gained confidence in myself and my ability to get up in front of people. Eventually, I became the Worthy Advisor (president) of Wenatchee Rainbow Assembly. I learned to speak in front of people (which helped in my teaching career), I worked on committees and learned how to put activities together, I was able to give oral reports, I practiced memorizing parts, my leadership skills gained some solid footing, and I learned how to run a business meeting. There are so many things I gained from being a member of Rainbow.

If you have never heard of Rainbow, I recommend you get in touch with me if you know or have a girl(s) in your family or neighborhood, family friends that are 11-20 years of age. We also have a Pledge group for girls 8-10 years of age. 

A former Rainbow girl told one of our Advisory Board members this last fall that Rainbow taught her how to be a lady. Again, amazing things can happen. We are meeting in person and would love to have the opportunity to share Rainbow with new girls and their parents. Oh, one more thing. Parents, grandparents, guardians are all welcome to attend all events. We want the parents to be there to support what their children are involved in. Rainbow in Wenatchee also has an amazing group of adults who are on the Advisory Board and most of them have been involved in Rainbow both as a young girl and as a Board Member.

Rainbow Gets Girls Ready for Life.