It is quite rampant across our valley that big time business owners and agencies who receive their funding from title VII Cares Act, are actually bullying their employees, harassing and coercing them with illegal contracts to violate their own conscience and be vaccinated or lose their job! This is the most grievous imbalance of power and control in the history of my lifetime. I want to know WHO will assist me in holding these agencies accountable to their own laws?? They are violating both state and Federal mandates that require them to protect those who seek an exemption due to religious or ethical, moral beliefs. These agencies are acting as if it is at their own discretion, they will consider authorizing an exemption with certain restrictions and time limits. Are you kidding??? They have a legal binding contract with State and Federal authorities to abide by the laws and rules clearly in place if they partake of this funding (our tax dollars)...and NO  ONE is holding them accountable!! It's time!