(Originally posted on September 21, 2020)

I'm just curious--why aren't the Cold Springs and Pearl Hill considered the same fire, and therefore the largest in state history?

Reilly did a great job in this story pulling together the largest fires in the state's history. It shows the Carlton Complex fire was the largest in state history, but that was actually three separate lightning fires that merged together. In my understanding, the Cold Springs and Pearl Hill fires are actually the same fire--caused by the same spark. They are managed separately largely because they were too big to fight as one! It jumped the Columbia River! It covers huge swaths of two large counties!

I'm just wondering, is it the DNR that decides whether this will be considered the same, large fire, or someone else? And what do they say? I think for historic reasons, we need to see this fire as one, large, devastating blaze.

By the way, all of The Wenatchee World reporters and photographers did a fabulous job with your wildfire coverage. I really appreciated and depended on your coverage, and I look forward to your coverage of the aftermath. Thank you!