It's deadline time to nominate someone for a 2022 Community Impact Award.

Winners will be featured in the February 2022 Progress Edition magazine. And this year The Wenatchee World will make a $500 contribution to each winner's favorite charity. The winners will also be invited to write about their favorite charity and encourage others to contribute.

The Community Impact Awards honor those who make our communities better with their work, leadership, courage and contributions.

Send us your nominations by Monday and include the person’s name and a statement on why they should be honored. Here’s the nomination form:

Here are the categories:

Progress Award: A person who moved their NCW community forward

Community Connection Award: A person who brought people together

Local Hero Award: A person who demonstrated courage to help out in a local crisis.

Public Life and Leadership Award: A public official who demonstrated exceptional leadership serving their community

Business Impact Award: A business person who demonstrated leadership that makes the community better

Russ Hemphill is the managing editor of The Wenatchee World. He may be reached at (509) 665-1161 or