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Asked a question 11 months ago

Do you support firework bans?

Carl Elleard
I had explosions for a good part of my early life; tank guns, M2 .50 caliber machine guns, TOW missiles, helicopters flying NOE (nape of earth - just above the ground) and much more. I am deaf in the upper range of hearing. I don’t need more explosions.

I also have three dogs. They are terrified of fireworks. Any time fireworks go off I spend the night in the bathtub or back closet with my dogs. For hours. It would be one thing if it were one night on July 4th. We go up and camp in the forest that night. Unfortunately it is year round. Days before the 4th. Days after the 4th. The Applesox fireworks show two blocks away. My “neighbor” a block East who blows off a couple of bombs at least two nights in every month.

Most of all I wish Wenatchee police would at least make an effort to stop fireworks, which they do not.

The loud car exhausts and loud motorcycles are enough without the explosions.
John Bishop
My family loves fireworks...the history and tradition go back to ancient times. I agree that the legal fireworks sold to people aren't the big problem but how can we ever sort out who is doing what with which kind of fireworks, bought where? It's impossible. I might reluctantly (I think) vote against them, though, just for that reason. But the sanctioned shows, like the Applesox and the City shows, all contain lots of big bangs and pops also and everyone loves those and wants to keep them.. So if we ban the non-profits from selling and kill their fundraising which all go to good works in the community, where's the profit? The noise and the harassment to animals is still there even without individuals having them. I have a sensitive-to-noise dog also, so I understand this part of the argument. If people used them only on the right days and didn't drag the noisemaking on for a week or so, it would help. I just don't see a fair solution that wouldn't make a lot of people mad either way. Maybe we need another public vote...
Andrea Lutes
If there is a ban on fireworks, perhaps, because you can get illegal fireworks, there should also be a fine for possessing them and setting them off. Or maybe the offender should be made to pay for the damage they create. I also have dogs, and I live in an area that is full of trees. More than one time our neighbors have shot fireworks into the sky and thank goodness nothing was set on fire.
Carl Elleard
Despite what Mr. Bishop claims, not everyone loves fireworks and wants to keep them. Despite what Mr. Bishop says, not all traditions which go back to “ancient times’ have carried forward - for instance, I don’t believe we have gladiator battles against lions in arenas, nor do we carve out human hearts on the top of stone edifices to encourage crop growth.

Lots of people enjoy lots of stuff. Apparently many people enjoy running red lights. We don’t permit that. Many people seem to enjoy driving drunk. We don’t permit that. So why is it necessary to blow stuff up when it is clearly damaging to many?
Wayne Carpenter
I do not enjoy listening to the abrupt huge explosions which is stressful and potentially breathing the noxious chemicals associated with fireworks. The noxious chemical gasses are not good for the environment and what about the litter? If the fireworks are exploded over water, then debris can fall into the water which is also not good for the environment. The loud booms do frighten animals and what about the fires they start?

So who with a sane mind would not support a fireworks ban---unless there was a conflict of interest, like money?
Sue Kane
I support a ban on Fireworks for the 4th of July. It's just too dry and not worth the risk. I do think communities should still be able to hold their citywide fireworks displays.

I do not support a ban on New Year's Eve. It's much damper and often they can be set off in snow fields. Yes, it's still annoying, but it is the start of a new year! Maybe the people that want to earn money could sell during the winter season.
Dawn Lisa Jensen-Nobile
Paula Walters
The fire works are noisy and so upsetting to pets. I have to give my beagle medication .
KC Mulhall
Where are these fireworks made? Has anyone ever seen a fireworks factory or process of making these disgusting pollution heavy fake lights? Ban them
Curt Finley
The fireworks sold locally and legally are not the problem. Some of my neighbors have been firing off mortars that rattle my windows and terrorize my pets. They explode to fire and again when they are about 100ft. high. In addition I know the sound of gunfire and it is different than fireworks. Some of my neighbors use this opportunity to illegally fire their weapons. But, in the end, it doesn't matter. I don't see any way at this time to enforce the law during these times. I wouldn't want our officers running around like Keystone cops. Time for smarter decisions.
Carl Elleard
Curt, I don’t see “local and legal” fireworks, whatever those are, as any different. They light, they blow up.

I agree that they are right now difficult to enforce. That is because the police do not prioritize that enforcement, the same as loud exhausts and rd light running.

The way to change that is for citizens to barrage the mayor with our desire for the firework ban to be enforced. The police chief (who I like and support, as an aside) works for the mayor and will up enforcement efforts if so directed. That, and if your neighbor blows mortars, 9-1-1 is the answer every single time. Call and call and call. Video.
KC Mulhall
Curt Finley the local and legal ones are the main polluters, streets filled with garbage july 5th, what a way to celebrate independence. Yeah #freedumb!
Tony Green
While there may be different safety concerns with the proper use of different kinds of fireworks, ( whose Safe use MANY ignore,) the issue is that most produce ignitions that pose fire risks around dry fuels.
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