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Sydnee GonzalezStaff member
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Asked a question 10 months ago

What type of firework ban would you like to see?

Sydnee Gonzalez Staff member
The East Wenatchee City Council tabled a vote on a ban for the Fourth of July but not New Year’s earlier this week. That's after previous ordinances on the matter failed to pass. Read more here:
Randy Agnew
I don't think you're going to get a truly representative vote here from the 20 people that actually post on Nabur. But I think the fact that the previously proposed bans have failed to pass and the current one was tabled is accurately representative of the majority of East Wenatchee residents. If East Wenatchee, (or any other municipal organization) really wanted to accurately represent their citizens on this issue, they could put an option on the regular November ballot and let the people vote on it.

Virtually all of the media coverage regarding fireworks is biased in favor of banning them. Usually for reasons of "safety". When was the last time a home in the Wenatchee area or surrounding communities burnt down due to fireworks? When was the last time a major wildfire in the area was created by fireworks? When was the last time someone locally was seriously injured due to fireworks? The efforts to ban them are "solutions" to a non existent problem.

Unfortunately, logic doesn't determine most peoples feelings... especially if you throw the word "safety" into the question.
Dave K
This poll is like asking if you want it banned, or want it banned.
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